Forster Summer School 2018

Global Change – Technological, Societal and Ecological Transitions on the Move

General Information

The Faculty of Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Geosciences is organizing an international and interdisciplinary Summer School entitled “Global Change – Technological, Societal and Ecological Transitions on the Move”. The term “Global Change” is understood to mean all processes and dynamics which are transforming the environmental systems of the earth and the social systems of humans. This includes all processes of globalization and transformation through political, economic, ecological and technical developments.

In the 21st century the dynamics of “Global Change” are intensifying and becoming more potent. They can only be controlled to a limited extent by social organizations and conventional institutions. Human activities in the world have risen to a pitch at which both nature and human society are being constantly modified and recreated. The increasing digitalization of everyday life is not only transforming interpersonal communication, it is also creating a new social world. Time-space compression is apparently constructing a global society, but on the regional level, local identities are developing with different ways of living and thinking. The events and impact of “Global Change” can be seen in transformations of nature (landscapes, water bodies, the atmosphere) and the changing of the social, economic, and political world.

The Forster Summer School offers you the great chance to discuss actual issues regarding the technological, societal and ecological transitions of Global Change with keynote speakers, lecturers, and your peers from around the world.



The Summer School will be held from September 03rd to 09th at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (Germany).