A Semester Abroad

Students of Chemistry or Biomedical Chemistry (BMC) can spend the 7th or 8th semester of their studies abroad. 

The faculty offers a range of options in this regard.

For student exchange within Europe, there is the EU-financed ERASMUS/SOCRATES program. The most commonly chosen universities are Dijon, Valencia, and Pisa. Other European universities may also be chosen.

Varied non-European programs (usually financed by the German Academic Exchange Service or the German Research Society) are also available in the form of integrated overseas study programs or international graduate colleges.

Chemistry and BMC students usually spend one semester of their studies conducting research abroad, i.e., working on a research project as part of a team. Supervision usually takes place in English.

A one-semester sojourn abroad will give you 3 module credits (corresponding to a full semester in Mainz), i.e. students do not lose any time.