Kids’ University

How it all started ...

The Kids’ University at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz was launched on April 17, 2004 with the motto "Hot on the trail of the culprit.” The subject of the first lecture, given by Professor Wolfgang Hofmeister of the Institute of Geosciences was: "Gemstones and bricks, gallstones and ivory – so what exactly is the philosopher's stone?"

The Kids' University has since become an annual event, and every year JGU invites children to attend a series of ten lectures that always have a different, but related theme. School children and their friends in the Mainz region already know they can have fun with learning and research at the Kids' University.

Some 50,000 have already enjoyed attending Kids' University lectures and events since April, 2004. Whether in an auditorium or our botanical garden, recording studio or laboratory, the university offers young researchers, aged 8 - 12 years, a varied program of events covering all disciplines, from the natural sciences, through the humanities and social sciences, to medicine.